Monday, May 21, 2012

If you are at this website it is probably because you know me (Andy) or Autumn or someone we love sent you this link. We are trying to get our doberman, Ollie, into surgery to repair his knee. Ollie is a wonderful 4 1/2 year old doberman. He is an integral part of who we are and our daily lives. He injured his knee at the end of last year. Being short of funds we tried to implement a home remedy known as the conservative approach. This included keeping Ollie as immobile as possible until the knee re-stabilized. It works fairly well for smaller dogs but not very well for larger dogs. On the 18th of May after a month of finally being able to use his leg again he further injured it. He did it by just being a dog and moving to the side in an awkward way and his knee gave out.

Ollie needs surgery to the tune of $3,500 to repair a torn CCL. We are unfortunately not in a position (financially) to foot the bill and are respectfully passing our hat around to see if we, with your help, can secure the medical attention he needs. We are asking any dog lovers to open their hearts which will hopefully lead to their wallet which will lead to a healthy Ollie which will lead to our deepest gratitude. We understand that these are hard, even dire, economic times as that is the reason we cannot provide for Ollie currently. Any donation be it $1 or more moves us and him closer to surgery and while we find the position we are in uncomfortable we express our deepest gratitude for any help given and for all who care for dogs...or have been cared for by dogs.

I will edit this page to keep the balance on the "Help Ollie's Knee" account up to date.
Currently: We are roughly at $1,700. We took Ollie in for his preliminary appointment on June 1st and will be scheduling his surgery in the next few days. He fully ruptured his CCL and tore his meniscus.


  1. Give Ollie a hug from all of us up in Portland (we're thinking of him) and good luck with the fundraiser for the surgery!

    -Trav, Holly, Lila and Skylar

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